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Giving Back is a Key to Our Success

It’s no secret that the typical measure of success for a business is their bottom line. And American State Bank is no different. We know that in order to stay in business, and serve our customers, we have to be a profitable bank. We just also happen to believe, to our core, that giving back is the true key to our success. And we do this in 3 ways.

First, our customers. They are the reason we are in business, and the reason we stay in business. We give back to our customers, through excellent service, innovative products and sound banking practices. This is their expectation – and it is our promise.

Second, we give back to our communities. We call Kansas home. And specifically, 13 towns and cities across the state. From communities with a population of 670, to cities with nearly 400,000, we are proud and active members of each community. We realize that we can’t be a community bank, unless we are a part of that community. Of course, we sponsor events and support charitable efforts, but more than that, we give our employees the opportunity to give back. We have quarterly service events where each branch meets a need in their neighborhood – from delivering meals, to building houses, and more – our employees are actively involved in their communities.

And finally, but most importantly, we give back to our employees. We know that we cannot be there for our customers and our communities, unless we have dedicated, caring, smart, friendly and loyal employees. Each quarter we recognize employees for excellence in customer service, teamwork, attitude and reinvestment in their community. We regularly celebrate big wins, and small ones, with our branches and our employees. We support each other, we are there for each other. You can’t expect a loyal employee, unless you are loyal to them.

We know it’s not groundbreaking, and we know other companies do it too. But here, in our small place in this world, we are Here for Good. And we are proud of it.

 - Greg M. Quarles, CEO