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American State Bank and Trust Company core values American State Bank and Trust Company core values

Values that drive and unite us.

At American State Bank, we are guided by our core values. We understand that these ethics are critical to you placing your trust in us. That’s why our values inform every decision we make and how we do business.


  • We provide safety, security and stability to the individuals and communities we serve.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical financial practices, acting with utmost professionalism in personal and business dealings.
  • We are dependable, building loyalty among customers and community partners.


  • We are ambitious in our goals, aligning our products and services with industry and consumer innovations to deliver greater value.
  • We welcome progress and seize opportunities to expand services.
  • We foster a sense of optimism to encourage advancement for all.
  • We are focused on applying our expertise and professional passion to the benefit of our customers and communities.


  • We take tremendous pride in serving the people of Kansas, demonstrating our commitment by being inviting and making others feel comfortable around us.
  • We care for each other and foster sincere relationships with consumers, families, farmers, businesses and civic organizations across Kansas.
  • We are committed to building our institutional strength to enable greater investment and growth in Kansas communities.
  • We welcome and celebrate the diversity of commerce in Kansas, and the diversity of interests and goals among the people we serve.