Peoples Exchange Bank

Ag Loan Products

Ag lending is what we do best! We strongly believe that the success of our customers is dependent upon the close relationship we build with them. We are not just your banker ~ we become your partner and strive to help you accomplish your goals. The majority of our ag lenders have a background in farming or ag production and most are actively involved in a farming operation. We feel this brings a knowledgeable and realistic approach to banking in today’s agricultural environment.

We offer a full line of lending products including:

  • Operating Lines of Credit
  • Agricultural Real Estate Loans
  • Machinery and Equipment Term Loans
  • Farm Equity Line of Credit
  • FSA Guaranteed Programs
  • KDFA Beginning Farmer loans

Our ag lenders will work closely with you to analyze your financial situation from a historical, current and projected needs standpoint. Together, we will develop projections for your operation including a projected cashflow and a pro forma balance sheet reflecting what your financial condition will be in the future. As you contemplate purchases or additions to your operation, we can easily play “what if” with you and show what impact your purchase will have on your operation’s finances,

Stop by or visit with any of our ag lenders to see how a banking partnership with Peoples Exchange Bank can benefit your operation.